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COVID-19 pandemic has left SMEs and MSMEs reeling for process transformation. We transform a business by optimizing process and laying the foundation for digital growth. Tell us, how can we help?

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The Brand Identity, Business Process and Digital change to prepare your business for sustainable growth.

Product Development

To absolute point whether it be Digital Marketing, Direct Sales or a simple product Pitch Deck for fund raising.

Content Strategy

Eye-catching original & engaging strategy to attract attention at dream cost. See case study.

Product Development: Entertainment


A fashion events production house for over 15 years had ideas that needed to be conceived as products.


Created brand identity. Strategized six Intellectual Properties (IP). Developed a coherent marketing strategy to integrate all properties within. Conceptualized Internet Radio Station launched in July 2020 by the company to take advantage of the COVID-19 scenario in consideration with long-term organization goals.

Bottom Line:

Efforts are already reaping rewards in higher perceived brand value.

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Product Development: Software


Construct UI/UX for CRM focused ERP solution for a manufacturing unit.


Product ownership to oversee the development and implementation of the ERP solution. The digital transformation improved the efficiency of the company by over 200% and helped in cutting cost by 23% year on year. Digital transformation was critical in boosting sales by streaming process and setting up process protocols.

Bottom Line:

The deployment of a controlling system helped cut cost, streamline process, improve productivity and sales conversion.

#develop #transform #create


Transformation: Chemicals


50+ year old chemical marketing agency wanted to add new products to its catalog, start importing, and grow sales for new products.


Transformed brand identity. Recruited, trained and nurtured a sales team of 4 to generate leads and close sales. Conceived and developed solution pages to tackle existing challenges in the marketing of chemicals which helped grow the web traffic by more than 300% in two months.

Bottom Line:

Grew sales 4 times in 3 years, transformed the business process to improve efficiency by atleast 30% while creating a brand new online business opportunity.

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