Business Development Services

What do we do?

We help Startups, SMEs and MSMEs implement ideas, optimize existing processes or nurture the seed for growth and change. Our services are available at your command! Take a moment now, and chat with us. COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses reeling for transformation. Tell us, how can we help?


We re-validate and implement the strategy for your product; on your request, we deliver anywhere!


Process Improvement, Digitalization, Automation and Analytics; we help you set-up all modern controls.


Be Entertainment, Tech, Consumer Goods, Chemicals or Manufacturing; we always open new doors!

Consumer Goods

In 2010, founded as a Merchant Gateway service provider BYTE; in 2014 launched a label of consumer electronics and accessories, these products were the next-generation electronic accessories, that we marketed in eastern India through tech stores.

Managing the supply chain was a challenge and so was the competition and the need for quick inventory rotation. Past 3 years, the organization decided to pivot its core operations to business services/consulting. Since 2016, we have been helping companies develop, transform and grow their business by traditional or new means. Our goal has remained to help Startups, SMEs and MSMEs implement ideas, optimize existing processes or nurture the seed for growth and change. Some of our core business functions include but is not limited to Business Analysis & Digital Transformation, Planning & Implementation, Product Development & Content Strategy, Design Visualization & UI/UX Design, Pitch Decks & Presentations Recruitment, Training & Skills Development.

"rabbithole" labeled consumer electronics.

Web & Tech


Startups and SMEs find it difficult to implement digital transformation.


We help companies develop web and software products, we help implement ERP solutions. We take product ownership to oversee the development and implementation of digital solutions to improve the efficiency of the company and help reduce costs. Digital transformation is critical in the modern business age and no one should underestimate its importance.

Bottom Line:

Implementation and deployment of controls to help cut costs, streamline the process, improve productivity and improve sales conversion.

Organic marketing services.



50+ years old marketing agency wanted to add new products to its portfolio and increase sales for new products.


Recruited, trained and lead the sales team to generate leads and close sales. Conceived and developed solutions to tackle existing challenges in the marketing of chemicals which helped grow organic web traffic by more than 300% in two months.

Bottom Line:

Sales 4x in 3 years, improved efficiency by atleast 30% while creating a new business opportunity.

One-page company profile.


Music artists can connect with us and get an opportunity to perform. For underground music - New Sound, for Bollywood & hip-hop - No Request, your music can play at our internet radio station - Niche Radio. Support and entertain yourself.

8 Intellectual Property (IPs)



A fashion events production house for over 15 years had ideas in Music, Fashion and Lifestyle that needed implementation.


Developed 8 Intellectual Property (IPs) in industries such as - Tech, Music, Fashion, Film Production, Training, Social Service. Our tech IP is an Internet Radio Station that was launched in July of 2020 called Niche Radio.

Bottom Line:

The popularity of the concepts are setting the new industry benchmark.